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We empower and support many of the world’s leading brands.

Autonomic takes pride in supporting companies of all sizes with our multi-range roster of services adapted to each client’s requirements throughout their development journey with us.

We are privileged to work with global leading brands and market innovators. Our network and team of experts have worked on projects across the world, providing us with valuable insight into economic factors, forces, and the future of the market(s) and consumer needs.

Over the decades we have dedicated our time and expertise across four main industries, where passion lies, and innovation is at the heart of these brands to ensure sustainable progression and growth. We work with you to ensure an in-depth understanding of these factors.

About us

Let us help you get to know your audience.

Desk Research

Desk Research

Data collection and desk research are tasks many companies struggle to process internally. We are experts in conducting deep-data research and reporting it back in a succinct and readable form. This allows our clients to make strategic decisions from the very initial stages of early R&D, optimising the future and success ratio of their investment. This allows decision-makers to understand whether they have a viable product or service to reach the next stages of development and market testing prior to launch.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

We have global success and case studies in facilitating focus groups via online and in-person sessions. Our team has conducted research projects for clients with requirements to test the viability of a product in up to 15 countries over a period of 3 months. Our analytical assessment of the market, consumer needs and competitor comparisons have enabled brands to successfully launch market-viable products due to the outcomes of our research and reports of recommendation.

Innovation Programme

Innovation Programme

The Autonomic team built an initiative to further support companies understand their audience, product, service, and general market conditions. Our programme focuses on educating internal teams, particularly departments dealing with product or service development, research, and innovation. We conduct internal ideation sessions and focus groups to brainstorm future initiatives at your business, running through existing pain points and processes with the intent to strategize for the future and prepare your team for a more efficient day-to-day running of their departments.

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Our Industry Impact


The majority of our portfolio is consistent throughout the Fast-moving consumer goods industry. Our history and pride are in the continuous support and value we have added to the market leaders of the industry. This is a space we truly understand and being at the heart of the consumer we constantly validate and exceed our client's expectations through our research initiatives and developmental support. Our projects have ranged from the very early stages of R&D to the full development and launch of a product, at times the re-brand of a product line with similar research and developmental support.


Media & Entertainment

For every creative project we work with, there are also a number of steps to help ensure the end outcome is a successful and profitable endeavour. From fund sourcing, script editing, logistics and even platform development and testing. We have assisted with this entire process by providing a comprehensive suite of services for any media project whether it be related to music, film or art in addition to event and expo production. We help our clients move their business into new markets and evolve their existing brand with marketing and advertising to media research, compliance, legal and more.